I was raised in a family of artists, and was surrounded by creativity from a very young age. During my early years I discovered a love of drawing, and as I grew, this love grew within me. The years which followed saw me refine my ambition, develop my skills as an accurate observer, and hone my craft, and before long, I’d developed a keen eye for perfectly depicting the human form in my paintings, drawings, and other creative outpourings. I’d like to think that my creative processes are imbued with sensitivity, emotion, and a deep connection to my subjects; something I’ve held close since those earliest explorations in childhood.

Inspiration can be found everywhere. I’m especially inspired by the feeling I get when surrounding myself with art – it’s a chance to escape from the confines of ordinary life. When I paint, I immerse myself in an environment of scents, perfumes, and flowers, and continuously meditate in order to dive deeper into a world where creativity springs endlessly; an inner world which balances both purity and sensuality at once.


My paintings deal with the realities of life, and the different aspects of womanhood and femininity. They are my explorations of knowing who you are, who you were, and who you wish to be. Therein lies some real magic; to paint is to give birth to something unique, something wondrous, and something authentic enough to represent you and your inner truth.

I consider myself to be something of a queer and an outsider at heart, but one who is unafraid of glamour, elegance, and sophistication. My recent painting series, entitled “Self-Love”, is an autobiographical exploration of this. While there is still some way to go with it, I’m excited to delve ever deeper into this subject.

These paintings depict me in a series of portraits originally captured by Dan Beleiu, in which I am wearing fashion items created by Atsuko Kudo. You’ll notice that they involve latex, which provides an authentic sense of fetishism refined – something sensual, rather than erotic. Latex is in essence a second skin – a proxy for sensitivity – and I hope that my paintings manage to communicate exactly the way it makes me feel. 

My work reflects a sense of stillness and harmony. They are provocative by nature and by subject, and never shy from breaking established rules and patterns. Within them, you’ll find sexuality, but also a love of fashion, style, and refinement, along with an unabashed eccentricity.